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Aspen Aeration 1/2th Hp Complete Aeration Kits

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  • This Complete Kit for 1.5 acre ponds Includes a 1/2Hp Rocking Piston Air Pump in a cabinet, a 3 way manifold with a pressure gauge, three 100 ft rolls of 3/8" weighted tubing, and three 9 inch diffusers with bases
  • The manifold includes an attached is a pressure relief valve which opens at approximately 25 psi to prevent damage to the compressor
  • The self-weighted air hose is very heavy duty and pliable. It is stronger, thicker and heavier than other brands. It will not crush or kink and can handle freezing temperatures
  • The air diffuser bases allow you to place the air diffusers firmly at the bottom of the pond and keeps the air diffusers up out of the mud
  • The 9 inch EPDM disc diffusers are designed for industry heavy duty installation and offer the lowest back pressure in the market, only adds less than 6 inches of water depth back pressure, allowing you to utilize your air pump in the most efficient way