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1/2" Weighted Tubing By Aspen Aeration

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  • Thick wall PVC hose sinks under its own weight for easy installation
  • This weighted tubing works between -50˚ F and +140˚ F and is safe for fish and wildlife
  • Aspen Sink tubing is made in the United States with a superior formula to prevent cracking, splitting, and kinking. This superior strength allows it to buried between the compressor and the waters edge.
  • A hose mender and stainless steel clamps are included
  • The inner diameter is .5" or 1/2"
  • Approx shipping weight  100' roll = 45 lbs   300' roll = 150 lbs
Aspen Aeration Systems weighted air hose is very durable and pliable. It has marks every foot for easy measuring and cutting. Our weighted air hose will not crack or kink and can withstand freezing temperatures. It is ideally suited for rugged installations of aeration systems in ponds, reservoirs or lakes. This tubing is commonly used with the following Air Pump Compressors: Hiblow, Vertex, Airmax, EasyPro, Gast, Matala, Kasco, Atlantic, EcoPlus, Hi-Blow, AirPro, Vivosun, Blue Diamond, Hakko, Secoh, Danner Pondmaster, Alita, Jecod/Jebao, This is the best tubing to use to run between Airpumps and the epdm rubber membrane diffuser or air stone.